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Movie Review, Cup Of Moe
"The Alien Report is this generations The Blair Witch. It proves budget size doesn't matter. With fantastic practical effects, superb cinematography, and a compelling narrator, 'The Alien Report' truly pushes the boundaries of film making" (read full review here)

Chatham Review
" our hero, supported by an array of tiny cameras, describes his lifetime of recurrent mandatory vacations from our atmosphere, his gradual, Poe-like descent into madness is interrupted with P.O.V. hidden cam footage of his abductions...with few cuts, no score, almost no narration, zero camera movement, it's full-on in-your-face alien interactions"

Winner Mad Monster Film Festival
The Alien Report's film festival premiere was at
The Mad Monster Film Fest, and it won.
Alien Report is a front seat P.O.V ride into strange encounters with telepathic beings, human hybrids, and the elusive "men-in-black". More than a movie, it's a guide that will show, rather than tell, the incredible story being reported by alien abductees. Believer or not, it's a "strange trip".

AUDIENCE REVIEWS: Updated March 2023
From The Alien Report film festivals and sneak peek showings.

Anthony Martz Just watched it. Goddamn amazing flick

Amber Hinkle I loved this movie...

Misty Jaflaj I absolutely loved this movie! I watched it 3 times! The images were unreal yet so realistic. I felt like this was a legitimate video and I was being shown something so forbidden and secret.. I am haunted by the scenes and the way the ETs and hybrids would sit and stare forever!

Rob Clark I just watched!....made my skin crawl a bit in a couple of scenes...kept me tense...felt bad for the actually...I had bated breath on a couple of scenes....loved it!!...Now to take a couple of deep breaths, relax and get back to some semblance of normal..

Arjan Carlos Moreno It’s really good ! Not your typical run of the mill Hollywood movies. Much better

Boston Boivin I bought the early link, it was so worth it and it's the alien movie we all need to see. I watched it solo,then with my old lady and the next day on my job with my crew while waiting for concrete to dry....absolutely knocked it out of the park and I won't ask this next question because I hope I have the right answer....TY Guys...where's the merchandise

Leo Dominus I wish they’d show this on Netflix....

Bobby F Ive been taken since the age of 6 years old. This movie really is on spot, as the experiences I had are very similar.

Eric P It has a super cool Distric 9 meets Blair Witch vibe.

Brian Hild Be prepared to have your emotions go through controlled chaos. The trailer is barely a glimpse. Alien Report doesn't start slow.

Doug Threft I'd describe this as "would you like to see the Saving Private Ryan of alien abductions stories?"

Domenic Dimonte What a great film. If you're into this subject matter don't wait. A+

Kenneth Happy I would love to watch it again..plzzzz..I would love to have a copy...I'm a try to rent again in just a was awesome...the pov is so on point...thank you for the movie/documentary/ ...makes me wonder...😳🤔 all are good...js 💯

Dan Galeziewski The Alien Report·great movie!! it was very realistic and trippy at the same time. The camera angles were genius. Made you feel as if you were there at times.

Sarah Manuel i just got done watching the whole movie like 5 mins ago and oh my goodness, you guys did such a great job! Please make a million more so I can collect them all... if you made others please let me know where to find them❤❤❤😎😎😎

Jesse Ray Williams Very well made for a shakey cam film. The FX are stellar·👌✨. I am a picky crittic as a inidie filmer my self. Top 10 recommended Alien Movies in my opinion.

Sikotik Sikotik Minds·I can truly say....
I went to sleep with the images in my head...
I didnt dream just the movie was playing in my head and thats after watching other movies to get the aliens out of my head... lol
They look sooooo Good!!!!
Woke up about to watch it again....
Love what yall did!!!!·👽👽👽👽

Charles Bates I rented this, really really love this movie guys struck a lot of emotional chords for me, thanks for making this available to watch.

Wayne Robert Sanko I have a list of top alien movies I keep in my mind. This by far tops my list. If you follow sites and read alien stories,this will give you a great visual of them. Really awesome job on this movie!

Miguel Pena The Alien Report·yes it was amazing and I love how you guys hooked me up with a link no problem ... As far as that movie word...WOW!!!!!!!! we loved it...I knew I's amazing looking forward on seeing more work from you guys!!!!!!!!!

Ariel CB I was intrigued so I rented it last night! Very impressed by the production overall! And your lead was excellent! Looking forward to your test pilot movie!

Rodger A Masten Backed it for the early release because I knew it wasn't like the other films, and that was a good thing. Loved the film, definitely different from others. Very interesting film, definitely makes you think about the unknown. Great job! One of a kind!·👏👏👏

Thomas Burke This movie RULES! Great job y’all!!!👏👏

Paul Gill Was very well made.I enjoyed it immensely.I'm a fussy guy also when it comes to Horror and science fiction. The Alien Report really had me glued and concerned for the main character and the Hybrid, I didn't know whether to love her or fear her. I can't wait for the DVD and hopefully swag lol. I did recommend it my friends and co-workers that are in to the subject matter.

Justin Charon Loved it! Awesome job!

Dave Bowden As a public service announcement for The Alien Report. A great first part one (if we're lucky enough to get a continuation film The Test Pilot). It's an original story, flows nicely, artistry/makeup are very well done, and if I'm being honest, definitely in the top 5 alien abduction films I've seen.Probably not family appropriate, but well worth the watch. I would definitely recommend.

Christopher J. Bryant Who ever the woman was that played the human/alien hybrid. She got the look down pat... it was the eyes that made her look truly alien. Well done!

Jesi Jackson Loved this!! I will definitely be adding this to my collection when it can be purchased to own. I loved the storyline and felt very connected to the young man who was being abducted. This film really hit home for me on sooo many levels.

Toni Clark The Aliens were amazing. Good job!

Michael Olson To who all watched it did you notice the guy appeared behind him after the car vanished in the alley?

Jeff Crawford Good cinematography, night lighting is good also. Tricky using gopros and iPhones. Looks like it’s shoot in 4K. By the way, inter-dimensional beings are not hostile.

Tanya Castillo Loved it! I thought it was real how you got the costumes on point the MIB guy loved it was awesome thanks

Michael Olson When does part 2 test pilot come out, the ending was intresting and confusing and cliffhanger. When it ended I was like wheres part two I wanna see it.

Joanna Correa Ummm!! Just watched this with my husband and it was very, very interesting and alot of fun to watch!! A genius visual experience we all been wanting to see based on actual people accounts and what has been reported for alllllll of time! KUDOS to·The Alien Report·for a job well done.👏

Jason Madden Hey! Wow what a wild ride. Loved it. The FX were incredible. Thanks again for the viewing!

Justin Charron Jericho Loved it! Awesome job!

Julien Pichoff In a nutshell, it resonated very well with my personal childhood fears ! In the ufo/alien abduction· subgenre it is miles ahead of anything I saw in the last decade.

Mustapha Pars Great freaking movie.

John Alonso Wow, very well done. This may be the best found footage alien movie I’ve seen to date. I hope you produce more movies like this in the future.

James McCabe This was fun. If you like Blair Witch Project, this is done much better.

Terrence Djkodewred JUST WATCHED IT!!! IT WAS INCREDIBLE!!·🔥🔥🔥🔥. Can’t wait to get the physical copy in my hands!! BEAUTIFULLY DONE!!·🔥🔥. KUDOS TO EVERYONE INVOLVED!! I was in awe!!·🔥🔥

Julie Duckett Excellent movie!! Worth it $$!!!·👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽

Dominic Gallegos Just watched. Very good

George A Woo Out of Sight !!! very Trippy very GOOD !!!

Barry Atkinson Watched it last night. Very bizarre. makeup and effects are well done. It’s worth watching, it lingers with you.

Jesse Ray Williams Very well made for a shakey cam film. The FX are stellar·. I am a picky crittic as a inidie filmer my self. Top 10 recommended Alien Movies in my opinion.

Abominable SnOman: I just finished watching this and I was pretty impressed. It definitely is more than a one watch for sure. I paused it frequently to see if I could see anything out of the ordinary and definitely watched the scene over of the car disappeared and the guy behind him. Great stuff. I had a friend recommend this to me and I wish I could get a copy of it

Doug Abney Love this one

Dan Segarra I enjoyed it ️. There seems to be a setup for a sequel.

Robert Langlois Totally worth it. Really impressed with the work that went into this.

Paul Lindsey Seen loved it..a must see..

Steven J Rood Really loved this movie·🍿

Guy La Fortune ·Yes, it is a documentary with images so convincing it is almost a relief when the actors' credits roll. Much better than Blair Witch!!

Tinsley Meadows Wild ride!

Travis Chase Great movie. Totally got lost in it, as in I felt like I was there.

Gerry Wilkerson Good movie. Costumes, special effects and story were all very well done. Can't recommend this enough.

Billie Jo Feldmann Really good movie, kept me on the edge wondering what's going to happen next, the main actor was awesome, and you can't help but want to reach out and hug him really cool effects enjoyed the movie

Oscar O. Escobar Worth it, the main character really nailed it...·👏

Jordan Droy This was a great watch. Very realistic.

Shawn Juan DeMarco Just finished watching and yeah that was kinda freaky. Good job, guys·👍👍

Josh Kushner It was great.

Russell GreWolf Mauck‎ I watched this last night. GREAT film/work.
would like to watch more. So much more that I want to say about this.

Daniel Harper Just watched it! Pretty cool! Visuals were on point!

Toy Cohen I enjoyed it·👍🏽💯💯💯💯

Yepez I thought the movie was for real.

Chris Marsh Eerily bohemian experience. A peek through the window of what it's like to experience these strange encounters.

James Stevens Disturbing, intense, provocative, psychedelic, surreal. The modern video tech brings the genre into the modern era.

Adam (Warsaw) A short, yet very intense and accurate depiction showing what millions of abductees experience. Millions is not an understatement and Dr. Macks research (U. S. psychiatrist studied this widely) is probably just the tip of the iceberg

David Mcadoo Visually unnerving and well thougout story telling.

Eugene (Glasgow) The alien scenes are the best I've ever seen. I don't think I've seen a movie with so many. My favorite is when the satellite is hurling toward them. I would easily recommend this.

Julien Pichoff (Paris) In a nutshell, it resonated very well with my childhood fears. In the UFO/ Alien abduction subgenre, it is miles ahead of anything I've seen in the last decade.

Doug Goodfeather I remember thinking to myself, scratching my head confused, did I just see that, what was that? Was that a dream. Yes, the movie is amazing.

Harry Spencer Brilliantly delivered masterpiece. I was absolutely riveted to my screen. Very disturbing and thought provocing.. Bravo...well done!

David Kert Just finished watching it and still in awe.

Jaroslav Stun Wow, what a ride!!! Indeed a good one, even if a bit short.

Alexander Utoff I am totally impressed. This is giving a voice to the silet treatment of alien abductees. There is so much subtle detail that one has to view it over and over again.

David Kert This is completely legit. I have to say.... This is a fantastic film!💯💯💯! I was glued to my screen from minute one!

Adam Hober It's a very different film, really exciting and you get sucked into the main character's journey into the unknown.

David Paladino I thought the movie was fantastic. Sort of gothic, gritty, mysterious, dark. It kept my eyes glued to the screen waiting for more.

Ed Navarro Phenomenal ! I truly see this film as an introduction of more films, I hope, exposing the truth.

Fil Laguisma It was like unveiling the religion of the Gods, and what happens behind the curtain. It is a dark experience like no other.

Ray Sai It really makes me think that we are not alone.

Dylon Darmanin Best film ever even if I tought I was gonan see a real alien abduction recorded by spy cameras. For a film with no budget, its absolutly awsome I watched it maybe 5 time in 2 days.

Monico Garcia III Watched this a couple of weeks ago - nice work!!!

Matthew Detlaff I don't normally spend $19 on just a rental...but a part of me felt it would be worth it. I watched it once alone, then after seeing it to the last credit I had to show my parents and brother. We all agreed that this is an incredible movie that should get more recognition. Out of 10 I would give it a 9, I would say it’s perfect but I wished it was a little longer mainly due to the fact that I enjoyed watching it to the point where I didn’t want it to end.

Sean Cook Alien Report exceeded my expectations. Not only was it beautifully shot, it was also compelling and believable. Truly a groundbreaking film !

Alfonso Cuevas Movie was great. There's a lot of questions I would like answers for !!!

Angel Bravo Mind blowing. And speechless.

Michael P Thanks for waking up the public.

Billy Barr No BS...this is straight up a smash hit !!... From the very first glimpse to the last credit it had me on the edge of my chair, often caught myself LITERALLY holding my breath with beads of sweat on my forehead...

Charles Rivers I watched it last night and highly recommend it, fantastic effects.

Micheal Warren Really enjoyed it, excellent film, should be widely distributed.

Marna Blakewell Wow, Loved it!

Juan Martinez Loved the movie, thank you.

Chris PB It was like my personal nightmares were allowed to be played out on the large tv screen! This was a total violation to my psyche...WOW...JUST WOW.

Raider Dean I want a physical copy (DVD) awesome movie.

Andrew Collas Outstanding work. Loved it ! Feels like there is a lot more story to tell ! Bravo !

Darren Chatton Absolutley love the movie, you have to make a sequel, would love more footage of the interactions for longer periods of time.





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